Monday, 21 November 2016

Your Guide to Looking Stylish this Winter Season

Winter is almost here and it’s that fabulous time of the year when you get to deck and doll up, and show your style. With so many patterns, layers and designs falling in winter fashion, you don’t need to press hard on your mind to wear things as per your liking. To help you out with your winter styling, here’s an awesome guide with some of the timeless trends that help you stay in style effortlessly.

So, get ready to take your game a notch above this winter with these trendy looks:

1.       Trendy Tunics

The harsh winter weather summons the bright colored outfits that look stunning during winters. Tunics in bright, pop colors go well with any denim or trouser, and help you to look smart. Match them with cool loafers and you’re ready to slay.

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2.       Biker Chick

Bomber and leather jackets are the front runners of winter fashion for women. They are all hassle free and yet so classy. The best way to grab eyeballs at any cocktail party is to get yourself a slick leather jacket. Team them up with snazzy sneakers for more casual look or knee-high leather boots for a killer look.

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3.       Layer It Up

You need to get your act of layering straighten up this winter! And, for that a woolen shrug is just the right thing. The best part if this winter wear is that it’s simply effortless. You can either choose to keep the front open during daytime or close it up when going for a night out. Shrugs with attractive buttons and toggles also add to your style and you can always experiment with different lengths and colors to shine out. Team it up with denims and long boots and you’ll look fabulous!

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4.  Timeless Long Coats

One of the simplest way to add sophistication and glam to your winter outfit, is to throw a long coat. A long coat is a winter essential and it can be easily paired up with jeans, dresses or even skirts to give a glamourous look. Apart from the printed or checkered ones which are good for weekend outings, a classic black, grey or white long coat will always work in your favor at workplace and as daily wear. Bring class by teaming it with long boots and a super stylish bag.

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5.       Casual Chic

On a clueless situation it is best to go for casual jackets and sweaters that never go out of fashion. These can be worn at any occasion whether at movies, dinners, while hanging out with friends or even on a date. These jackets and sweaters come on calm colors and prints and look good with anything, whether leggings, trousers, or denims.

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6.       Quilled Fun 

For all those times when it gets grimly cold there should be a winter wear which you rely eyes closed. A quilled jacket is that one dear friend which comes super handy in winters. You can trust any of the major sports brand for a durable quilled jacket. Women have the advantage to getting these in multitude of colors and winter patterns. You can pair them with trousers or denims, with loafers or sneakers for a cool look. Zip up and get battle ready to fight the chills!

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7.       Flamboyant Faux Fur

Well, having an actual fox or mink fun across your shoulders isn’t just costly, it’s brutal too. But fret not, as you can always go for faux fur. The fur traps heat around essential areas like your neck and shoulders and helps you stay warm. Remember the last terrace party you were in? Now, you can stay out for long and still appear charming without a fuss. And the best part – you can pair these jackets with anything, whether dresses, denims or leggings, you’ll appear flawless every time.

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8.       Simplistic Warmers

Anything which you can put on every day for work, these satisfying sweaters are simply evergreen. Simple at approach, they look appropriate at work and still look super stylish. Ace your everyday office look with these cool sweaters and pair this a long coat, khaki chinos and your formal black sandals. Ready to take on the world!

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Hope you liked the collection! 

So..what are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

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  1. All winter dresses are good, try more western dresses for girls.

    1. Thanks for a great idea Ranju! Very much Appreciated. Will surely follow your link! Keep reading! xoxo


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