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Top 6 Mesmerizing & Dreamy Gowns For Your Christian Wedding!

When you are young and naive, you build dreams in your eyes and castles at the sea and carry the memories all along your youth. Some of the dreams stay with you, some hibernate with time and some become a reality. If one of the dreams you've had was to own & behold a grand dreamy wedding gown, this article is for you!

Whenever I imagine my wedding attire, I somehow pull back to those white & cream gowns with long veils, my back-combed hair style and a beautiful flowery hair pin at the side of the messy bun of mine. A bouquet of fresh white lillies in my hands and the aisle with eyes on me!

But the most reverberating thought is that of my wedding gown...I do get jitters on the design, exact embroidery, the length, the flare and the colour. What if I don't find one in time? Same as my dreams were - a little lavish, a little bewitching and a little flamboyant!

That's when I collected all beautiful gowns online and added then to the list for you...maybe you can find a match!

1. Floor-Length Ball Gown Dress

This lovely white O-neck gown with solid lace keeps the weight divided while the long trail gives you great photographic angles and ideas!

One great part about gowns is that you need not add any single accessory to your look. Its simplicity takes over worldly possessions and materialistic expanse. All you need is a good red lipstick, a tied up hair-do and you are good to go!

Where to Buy? : Here

2. Floor-Length Trumpet-Mermaid Dress

This trendy white gown with solid lace is an impressive off-shoulder beauty which defines grace and poise!

With a cute little bow design on the waist center and the elongated trail end makes this a perfect wedding attire.

This gown is smartly fitted at the waistline making a curve right where it's needed.

Where to Buy? : Here

3. White Solid Lace Wedding Gown Dress

If you are more inclined to tube style gowns, here's one for your dream wedding. 

Perfectly patterened at the top and stylishly flared at the bottom. A fully-blown net base for a beautiful round circumference makes sure you look like a princess.

You can add a neclace to add a retro flair and finish the flattering look.

Where to Buy? : Here

4. White Embroidered Lace Maxi Dress


Line up a sensual, high-class outfit for your wedding day!

The shoulder lace enhances comfort and imparts great style at the same time.

The skin-hugging fabric allows a better waistline and body shape.

And to add something here, the little flare in the gown would keep your walk effortless and royal.
The simple patterns and lines on the dress lets you experiment with some jewelry like bangles and earrings. While the protruding thrust keep your sensual-avatar at its peak!

Where to Buy? : Here 

5.  Chiffon Wedding Party Maxi Dress


The inspirational, attractive, alluring V-neck, backless gown is one of the best outfits for a Christian wedding! On top of my favourites, its beaded patterns with lace patchwork on the gown makes this my perfect wedding dress! Imagine a setting similar to the one above and then,,,imagine yourself in the dress! You'll feel what I feel! ;) 

Where to Buy? : Here

6. Silhouette Ball Gown


Did you decide if your gown would be comfortable enough while you dance post all the ceremonies? If not, don't worry, Buy my next favourite in the list! The silhouettes of this dress made me fall in love with this gown. Its unmatched pride and blush bride look is enough to slay and turn everyone green with envy! The romantic layers and figure flattering fit is supreme in class. Buy soon before this goes offline!

Where to Buy? : Here 

That's all for now folks! Hope you like the collection! I hope these ideas could add up to the charm of your D-day!

If you still haven't shopped for it, don't just wait! Grab your wedding gown before it's too late! Anddd....

Do share your wedding outfits with me! I'll be lucky to post them here! 

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