Monday, 7 November 2016

Top 10 Ways to Un-typecast Your Living Space

This time of the year is a fun, frolic and festive time for people in India. We love to set aside our earnings for months together to renovate, re-paint and re-organize our living space and spend with both hands on the decor each year. The markets are bustling, the hawkers are busy and the on-lookers are looking for perfect decor items for their little homes.

This year too, we've got some really cool items on the shelves with which you can re-create the lost charm of your home. Well, you might find many ideas dispersed online as well, but this article is specially curated for people who are looking to completely transform the look of their walls, rooms and the house!

1. Invest in a Beautiful Book Shelf

Now you may or you may not like to read, but a book shelf is still on the priority list. Why? Because this will take care of all your old books, magazines, posters, pamphlets and  even newspapers which otherwise lay cluttered in the room all the time. It is a must for people with kids and even for bachelors and students. I have myself spent years without a book shelf and those were bad days I must tell you ;p. So, Please invest in a book shelf. And a smart one like this!


2. Please buy an Almira, if you don't have one!

Clothes on the shelf, bed, chair, speakers, cycle, armrest, cooler, tables and suitcases DO NOT LOOK COOL! Throw them in the almira and if that doesn't take much time, iron them well every week. An almira is also a great place to keep your secret belongings, extra cash, wedding outfits, earned valuables and much more. Apart from that, an almira also has a lock .. so that would make sure your friends, siblings and roomies don't steal your clothes each time you step outside.

Go for a small one but a durable one in case you are prone to shifting your place every 11 months.


3. Stylish Lighting Options

Light Up! This is for people who don't get much daylight into their rooms. Paint your walls white or get some beautifully styled lights! Go for a small study lamp if you're in college and do not really want to invest in good lighting options. You can even buy some quirky styled floor lamps for every night just like the one right below:


4. Save Some Money Aside for Wallpapers

If your walls are quite old, muddy and child-crafted...then you might want to cover them up! Go for simple yet elegant wallpapers to give them an all new look for the coming year. Try and choose multi-coloured patterns for kid's room, subtle smooth colours for the bedroom and the living area and minimalist patterns or the hall. This way you won't have to spend money on the paint and save the bulk for the next time.


5. Buy Big-Sized Mirrors

You've heard that one before haven't you? Apparently, because these mirrors add more volume, depth and space to your home and magnify the white light. This is also a Feng-Shui addition as it expands the energy in the room and makes it more active.


6. Go for Two Contrasting Curtains

By contrast, I mean you need to have one light and one darker shade with you. I would not promote black or a brown here coz then room would be a den! Try neutral shades of white with deep maroon or deep can also try experimenting with light net of yellow or sea green for a change.

Like I said, these two curtains not only give you the option of changing the room's atmosphere completely but it also allows to add more light during the day and cut any privacy shadow for the outsiders during the night. If you know what I mean :D


7. Paintings, with Love

Empty walls are like empty canvases and you have to paint them. Not literally, if your art is as crumble-some as mine. But, may be with a few of the many paintings which you can buy from the market!

Use your quirky imagination or stick to abstract for a better living area appeal.


8. Add More Plants to Your Surroundings

As we all know plants are great for fresh air and they also add the much needed colour to your living space. You can find out about some indoor plants which won't take much of your time and care. If that doesn't suit your area, you can go for flowers, may be artificial ones. These add abundance of beauty to your home's decor!


9. Organize, Organize & Organize

It's not only important to pick things right, but keeping them organized is another ball-game together. So, what you really need to do is pick things which don't need everyday attention, once you've added them to your decor. Secondly, make sure you keep yourself ready to wipe clean and dust away the dirt every week. Re-shuffle the settings and see what suits the room best. Organize well, in order to keep things running for long.


10. Keep Exploring!

Guys, this is not the end of story! Get quirky! You have to keep exploring new designs, new handicrafts, new trends and everything new that will make your living space worth a thousand eyes!

So don't stop here...begin you journey and Un-typecast Your Living Space!

Do share your home decor with me! I'd love to publish that with the post! 

Keep waiting for the next blog! ;)

See you at Home!
Diary Dear!

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