Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Stunning Upset Victory of the Indian Rupee Denomination!

This is not about #DonaldTrump! But this is surely about us!

We, are the people of India, struggling to find a way through the queue, knocking off anyone who tries to break the line. We, are dying in the sun and the nip in the air, which looks like methane and ash, with our life-savings spread on the floor useless and dead. We, are overloaded with requests from the rich to hide their denominations so that the government never finds out who did what with

We, are tired, jolted & still waiting...!

Suddenly, a whole lot of savings in many of the wardrobe lockers of India, became illegal and people ran away from money like there was a wildfire. Fear more than that of smuggling in the states, looting in a bank and shoplifting and getting caught on a CCTV!

Just when the hoarders, the terrorists and the Indian wives thought of saving enough to become Squadron Supreme, the government planned to clamp down illicit high-value funds to curb corruption. It's good right!

So, why not celebrate?

Let's celebrate the victory of Indian Rupee..of the new denominations, the new fear...of saving away from the eyes of anyone monitoring our little pockets...

For now, we are lucky enough to hold a bank account so..

So, let's order food on Swiggy, shop from Kraftly and take an Ola to travel...! crunch! gotta head to the bank...

See you soon,
Diary Diary

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