Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Kitchen Gadgets To Make Your Life Easier Than Ever

Each time I stepped into the kitchen, I felt the dire need to have some of the handy kitchen gadgets to cut, clean, wipe and cook my most creative meals and platters. It was only after I came across this site that my cooking became much more exciting and easier. The latest collection of these super-time-saver kitchen tools and gadgets are not only useful but also attractive enough to please anyone’s eyes! I even got great discounts and deals on many of these! Today, I am sharing with you top kitchen tools and gadgets that I recently bought. Hopefully, they will help you out too..!

1.       Multi-Purpose Fruits & Vegetable Basket

This multi-purpose basket is great for draining, washing and cleaning fruits and vegetables. Now no more falling-off your fruits & veggies in the sink just put them in the basket and get rid of the unwanted dirt on their skin. You wouldn’t even mind keeping it on the dining table to serve fruits as it is so bright-coloured and beautiful.

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2.       Fizz Saver & Dispenser

To be really honest, I bought it out of sheer curiosity than need but once I started to use it all my skeptical thoughts vanished away in a fizz. If you are tired of getting a sugar-ated drink rather than a carbonated one post first time you open the bottle, you gotta try this! This was so exhausting when I had to store the soda and other carbonated drinks for a while and halfway through all the fizz was gone, making the drinks sour and overly-sweet. But with this fizz saver and dispenser, you will always have the real bubbly, tingly feel on your tongue in every sip.

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3.       Five Blade Herb Scissors

Do you know what can bring back a tired look on the face of a woman in the kitchen? Too much chopping! If something could reduce the effort, why not buy that for the woman you love! This five blade herb scissors is a great helper! Handy and portable, it is very convenient to cut scallions, chillies, herbs and even sea weed. You can use them with lettuce or noodles too. This multi-layer tool shears away almost any herb finely. So no more wastage of efforts or electricity for minor tasks like kelp chopping and shredding! Do it with these scissors.

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 4.       Cucumbo Spiral Slicer 


Women love compliments, especially when she puts an effort to add a chef’s touch to your salads, main course, appetizers etc. A secret, she might have Cucumbo Spiral Slicer. Design fancy-cut cucumbers or zucchinis and decorate your food items better than before.  A must have in the kitchen, this will get you countless compliments and praises for sure!

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5.       Silicone Skull Egg Ring

There’s this one problem everyone with kids would understand. Either you cook a fancy looking meal or they won’t eat the food! You have to constantly make an effort to make something appealing in terms of presentation and taste that they have it every day without nagging. One such invention that kids love, and I bought because my house has 2 of those nag-masters, is this silicone skull egg ring. This makes a simple omelette look like an exciting skull face which gives you plenty of variety and bandwidth to change colours, mix flavours and yet bring out a perfect shape ever time.

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6.       Oil Free Chips Maker

In today’s world of diabetes and obesity, nobody wants to get fat! It’s great to see health-consciousness in youth and especially women who are inside the kitchen experimenting with salads, olive oil and sugar-free dishes.  Anddd ….it’s also time to experiment a bit more with the new oil-free chips maker. Make your movie-time, sandwich time, brunch time and lunch time fat free and oil-free each day with this must-have kitchen gadget!

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7.       Cheese Butter Slicer

Coat your bread toasts easily without much of an effort with this cheese butter slicer. Pop the cheese/butter block directly into the slicer right from the refrigerator and cut the waiting time in adding an extra punch of taste to your meals. Don’t let your hot recipes turn cold and loose taste while you wait for the butter or cheese to melt. Slice off a piece in a click and drench your favourite recipes in oozing, dripping, sliced cheese and butter.

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Do you have some other great invention for our kitchen worries?

Come and share your gadgetry in the comments section and we’ll love to highlight them in the next post!

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See you soon,
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