Monday, 14 November 2016

Teach Your Child A Bit Of Violence To Save Lives!

It is Children's Day today, and we must really break-free some inhibitions that restrict parents from letting their child come in contact with visual violence. Here are some ways in which you can be a part of your child's mental growth and shape it the way every concerned parent would want to. It is important to teach our kids the values, moral responsibilities and decision making habits for a bright future and it is also important to stop them for a second and guide them, answer their questions and practice spending time with them.

Let's talk about teaching our kids about visual, graphic content in the right manner!



Let your kids roll into the world of Phantom, Batman and Mandrake the Magician! The exposure to comics in early ages has given birth to some of the great artists, worldly-wise and creative souls. Before you know, they'd become the first critics to X-men or Avengers Series. They'd know the difference and similarities of Marvel & DC characters. And they'd turn out to be highly imaginative all throughout their lives. They'd even learn about violence, to protect the world.

Action Figures


Let them rule their little world with the real interpretations of their comic characters with  action figures. Show them how to win a battle or forgive the wrong-doings, learn from the stories behind their lives and open their minds to endless possibilities of inventiveness.



Let them watch WWE! Yes! You heard me right! Let them watch WWE! (But, of course at a certain age). Show them the journey of wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, Rick Flair, Goldberg et al. Ask them to explore the wrestlers in real life. Inspire them to eat right and be fit. Talk about the importance of family and teach them that all of this is just work. They do it for a living, to serve their family.

Movie Collection


The way Stan Lee visualized a parallel universe of fictional characters, let your kids learn the art of creating stories. Stories that revolutionize the world when told! Gift them the best of the lot movie collections. From Fantastic 4 to Iron Man, Spider man to Lego Marvel Avengers and sit back and enjoy with them. Let them learn how to win over a battle!

My Precious!!!

Source: Kraftly

Gift them a little souvenir occasionally. Let them know you appreciate their interests and are there to award their rightful decisions every time. Even though it might not be a life-changing experience, it will still help them to choose the right path.



Accustom your child to watch what's visually right. They might find the hep' visuals a bit luring but it is you who needs to switch their attention to the enlightening content on the television. You can choose to lock the channels, but then, they would come back to it, when they can. So let them watch what they want and if you are not happy with it, tell them what's wrong with it. Make it a habit to be around them, perhaps at a distance to monitor their TV hours.

Series & Sexuality


Visual violence in some of the most popular series is quite predominant these days. And it's okay to be aware of it. So is, being aware of sexual content. But! Only after they are in the right frame of mind, have reached the age well enough to understand puberty & growth.

It will be a bit of a turmoil and hard work at first to inform your child about it and a high possibility that they already know about it. Yet, you must "talk"!

Deaths & Drastic Consequences


It is important to let your child know about the serious repercussions of over-viewing, over-analyzing and over-aggressive content that they are watching or viewing in comics, on television, online or in-real.

It is our responsibility to watch over the actions of our kids and protect them at all times. But, it is also the responsibility of a child to protect self and others around him/her.

Violence is never a solution, harming others is not a solution. We must not fight over religion, caste, money, governments with stones and sticks. There's always a peaceful alternative to the most violent actions.

But, if a woman is in distress, our children must act. If someone is on the verge of being harmed, our children must act. If an old couple is harassed in their home, our children must act. If wives are being beaten ruthlessly, our children must act. If anyone is being robbed or duped, our children must act. If lives are at a threat, our children must act!

Teach them self-defense and tell them to defend the ones in need!

Happy Children's Day my Future Babies!

See you soon,
Diary Dear

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