Sunday, 27 November 2016

10 Dapper Shoe Styles That Will Help You Look Awesome This Winter

Just as you feel that nip in the air, your consciousness strikes you about two things, woollens and shoes. While you’ll be having, and buying, a multitude of attractive winter clothing, the footwear mostly stays the same. A single pair of shoes doesn’t really go with every attire that you’ll be wearing. Will you wear your pair of stilettoes to a movie or for that matter in your morning walk? Nope! And, for that, you need a pair of shoes to help you rock at different occasions. Lucky for you, I bumped into an amazing site called Kraftly and found a plethora of amazing shoes that will help you look effortless and charming. Here are listed, some of my favourite ones:

Suede Love

Suede is an amazing winter loving fabric that shines out at any casual occasion. Whether it’s a college reunion or a shopping spree at the local flea, a pair of tan/beige suede boots will always help you to stand out. These flock boots will look simply stunning with a pair of denim or dark pants, and a leather jacket or a long coat.

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Comfy Runners

A great pair of runners should always adorn your shoe-rack. These are the ones which you can simply jump on and good to go. They come in a myriad of colours and prints, so it will always be easier for you to match them up with any of your outfits, even with your shorts. Wrap up your feet this winters with these cushiony runners in red and prints.

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Slick Heels

A few might think that heels aren’t trustworthy, as they can snap in half at any ugly moment. But, with these classic grey heels, you can easily transform into a glamorous doll within seconds. A great fashion accessory for the workaholics, you can earn extra brownie points at your next presentation just because you were wearing them!

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Punk Boots

Black, embellished, slight grungy yet cool black boots are mostly a unique choice for girls. But, to complete that slick biker or the girl-not-to-be-messed look, this is what you need. These highly sturdy and firm looking black boots are perfect for those outdoor weekend parties in winter. Some of the similar varieties come with other embellishments, which are easily customizable. Wear them, kick ass

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Sleek Knee-highs

Your feet and lower legs are the delicate areas in winters. They are more prone to be exposed to the harsh weather, as a result of which you become easy prey of viral fever. If you’re already dreading the past year when you spent the majority of the winter lying on your bed with a running nose and watching sitcoms, here’s a flash bomb – get yourself these fabulous knee-high shoes. Protect your feet and add a glamorous touch to your outfit at the same time.

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Golden Crush

Shimmering shades of gold in any outfit results in a super gorgeous look. If you’ve already tried the bling in your accessories, nail paints and make-up, it’s time to give these glittery gold high kicks a shot. If you’re one of those who likes to go with single tones of colours, these shiny pairs of high heel canvas shoes will be totally worth it. Pair it up with skinny denim or leggings and take your glam appeal a notch above.

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Smart Oxfords

Oxfords and similar lace tying shoes come in fashion as the winter season approaches. They give a super smart look to your entire wardrobe. A pair of black or grey oxfords is a normal choice for both girls and guys, but if you really like to stand out go for a classic tan pair. The shoes pictured here also contains some prints which add a bit of swag. Roll up your trousers and put on your little ankle socks and walk the town in style!

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Colorful Loafers

Just like the oxfords, loafers are another favourite shoe styles to be worn during winter. Easy to wear, these give a sophisticated and compelling look to your outfit. Whether you’re sporting a denim or chinos, a contrasting loafer will always help you to stand out. Apart from the general black and browns, go for a colourful one instead. This one will look flawless even with any light-colored types of denim or trousers.

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Classic White Canvas

No one can deny the fact how attractive a pair of white canvas shoes look and how seamlessly it up heaves your entire outfit. When looked from a distance, it is normally the shoe that captivates a person’s attention. I know the major sports brands are ruling the front in sneakers game, but you can shop for these unbranded white slip-on canvas shoes, which isn’t far behind in terms of durability and high style value.

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Firm Outdoors

Winter is also the time when you’d probably wish to go out for treks in the beautiful hill stations. With all the moisture and dew out there, the soil gets slippery and your average sports shoes will not be able to bear the brunt. Why not try these dashing boots for a while? As hulking and durable they are, they also don't compromise on the style factor. Run, climb and jump with super ease with these tough boots. Pair them with khakis or denim and enjoy your vacation in style.

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That's all for today folks! Hope you are now all set to buy the best pick! So don't waste and haste, keep calm and buy now!!!

See you soon,
Diary Dear!

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