Monday, 13 July 2015

The Weekend Monsoon!

Things have been a bit topsy turvy for me last week. I couldn't really work it out. But, finally and thankfully the weekend arrived and so did my birthday. These last 3 days were like a trip to a hill station with rains lashing our verandas. Happiness came with the clouds and it rained for 3 long days at a stretch. I believed they brought me loads of blessings. Indeed, they did. I was gifted with my love by my side for the entire weekend. Oh, how much I loved it! Best Weekend Ever! I got everything that I wanted. Of course, with chocolate cake and roses :D

Today, I am more relaxed than ever. More happy than ever. And oh yes! not to miss, more beautiful than ever ;D

Although, I've gained weight. Gaining too fast. My face looks plumpy and close ups aren't as good as I imagined. Lolz. I planned on doing exercises a while back but you know, sometimes waking up at 6 in the morning to stretch your bodies isn't a fancy treat as you ever thought it will be. However, in my case; most of the time my beer-belly looks so cute that I really don't feel like getting rid of it :D

I wonder how people get those firm arms. I need them too. My chittiyan kallaiyan are still too slim. Yet, this gifted watch looks so pretty :)

See you at 6:30
Diary Dear

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