Wednesday, 6 May 2015

You Wanna, We Wanna ..Yeahhhh,,,,Exercise! :D

I thought to write this blog after a week but then, women are a bit impatient. Aren't they? Last night's sleep was a spa! Relaxing and rejuvinating. Yet when I woke up, three not-so-good things happened. First was that I had hit DOMS! (it's Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) so my body ached with most of the movements. Second, my fitness coach had developed a stye in his eye. And thirdly, I had to come to the office alone :( Not a preferable beginning to my mornings.

Oh yes, did I mention DOMS. This reminds me, that I am on an exercising spree. Fully motivated. Last morning I even did workout for 40 minutes including lunges, squats, push ups, pull ups, spiderman push ups and a few more to count. Even I am not too sure when did this new obsession erupted in my veins! Perhaps 2 nights back when in between the conversations my new coach, who happens to be my loving partner, made me do some muscle strengthening regimes. I was excited to try some more and so we switched to youtube where Joanna Soh gave me a good weekly set up to begin with.

I wasn't doing it to become fat or thin. I love myself. But I did it to feel fit from inside. Because since I did it last, my body called for more. I felt attracted to it. I guess that's how people get obsessed with gyms and fitness centers. They feel it from within that something is working upon their bodies. No doubt, looking better is on the cards anyways. I was entangled too. I loved that rush of blood in my body while doing the strengthening reps. That's why, my body is aching right now.

Anyhow, I'm loving it. Did a bit of stretching today as well with the help of my coach. Ouch! and I am still waiting for the next morning to begin my workout again. As I say, rest and eat to see the best show..a month into it and you will know! :D By the way, you should try it too.

(P.S. Get Well Soon Baby)

See you tomorrow,
Diary Dear

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