Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My Coach and Me!! ;)

Today the workout lasted for 20 minutes flat. We were late for our workplace so had to call it off. As read about DOMS, the pain remained to the butts today and vanished from the rest of the body. I am now a bit relaxed. The arms do pick some potential but relax on their own. I am liking the new regime. Just realized yesterday, that I have a tummy to tuck. Lolz. (People will faint hearing it.) But yes, it's the truth. :D A Beer Belly Yippppeeee!!!! :D That's healthy, isn't it? :P

I guess one thing that I can't ever skip in my diet is..uhm..a Pizza. :P I just can't. Niether chocolates nor beer. Oops. I guess the list has a few more entries. But please don't follow my diet chart, I have to put on weight and everything is safe until you don't overdo it so I stop whenever my tummy is full. :P I'm exercising, I need calories to burn! ;)

My coach added a new sprinting exercise to my fitness routine today. He said my muscles need to loosen up, stretch and relax before the exercise. Will help me to increase strength of the entire frame. So I guess there is another add on to my routine. Will be fun, will do it with him every morning. At least we can try to. (minus lazy ones). To be honest I feel a bit shy exercising in front of him. I've never done that before and it makes me nervous when I get noticed. A bit :P More so when I am not doing it with the right posture. *Sweat Drop*.

My water intake is rising gradually. I am hugely happy with this fact. But the best part was it didn't pain at all in my periods. Magical!! Not even for a second did I realize I was PMSing and bleeding. From the core of my heart I request all the Gulabi Gang and Feminists (No Offense) to go on an exercising morcha! It's gonna help you a lot. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally. Spare the men for some time. Ofcourse, to do it or not to do it, 'your choice'. :D

What?? you don't exercise???

Too Bad!
Diary Dear

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