Thursday, 25 September 2014

I Have You, I'm Perfect

Just wrote about Navratras. Oh how peaceful I was after it. Bluetooth effect between me and God. hein hein.

Seems like it's the last day of the week. Came so damn late to the office today because of the huge traffic jam. However, Love didn't lose temper. I felt so good. Mom wasn't feeling well in the morning. Got her medicated and am waiting for her to get well by the evening. Pray.

These days I am dreaming of my dad. First one was when he agreed to my marriage, and second one was when he came back home. Strange. Anyways. My sister sent me pictures of her in my Saree. As always, she was looking pretty. I so loved her pictures. And I sent her mine in my new Kurta. Lolz. Girls Talk. You won't get it!

We watched Gladiator last night, had pizzas and Calzone. Mmmmmmmm... By the way, too much bahar ka khana and a pause on my cravings now. I am cooking tonight. No Matter What. I am noticing how Love is helping me with my work more than our rest of the days. And how he finds 'Maida' ways to not to let me cook much. Buglu, I love you. And you'll have to have whatever I cook tonight :D. After the movie and the cuddles, Love watched his Brock and Kane while I watched him. Didn't realize when I slept with my lenses on. But I felt nice. Sleeping with his sight. Peaceful.

We have switched to healthy breakfast by the way; Cornflakes, milk and fruits and he's jogging every evening, I am eating something every 2-3 hours. In a nutshell, we are try our level best to be physically fit and fine..for each other.


Waise I love him the way he is. And personally, he looks best even when he is in his shorts...anyways,

I have his beautiful heart, what more can I want from life? :)

Love You
Diary Dear

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