Friday, 26 September 2014

4 Days and Diwali :)

Last Night I cooked a delicious Paneer ki Sabzi and Paranthas. Om Nom. I think it was yummmilicious! I've never cooked this good. Okay Okay. I have. But this was the best out of the rest 'Bests'. I wish I can have it again. Like Right Now!

It's Friday today. 4 Days to go.

We had our team lunch in the office today. Cholley Bhature for a change :D And the teaser  announcement of the Diwali Competition. Oooh...I am so excited and nervous, I want to know what it is. I wish somebody would actually tell me about it right away. I can't wait. I'm nervous about who will be my partner this time. Last time I was the luckiest to be paired with my love. FATE.

That's how our actual love story took a plunge...Remember???

How happy I was..I had started to have a super duper crush on him by then. I was so lucky the lottery chit had my name. We didn't win though was a win-win the other way round :). I was gifted with a beautiful partner that day. I realized he was the one I can live with...all throughout my life.
(Some Content Deleted : Censored.. :P)

This time, I know, everyone will try that we don't make a pair. All Jealous and Biased and Unfair people.
"Haters are Gonna Hate Darling" :* ;)

Moreso, I am will we be as professional rivals :D Oh Wait!... Who will be his partner? F*ck.
*Not a Bitch, Not a Dog* *I want him to win Lord.*

(Oh Shit, It Rhymed :D)

On the contrary this time, I am not at all concerned about if he gets a female colleague as a partner. I think in all these days with him, in all this while...I've left my past behind and have started to trust him more and our love in manifolds. I am stringed to him and his fate, and he is ; to mine. Okay? :)


I Love You Darling.
See You later Diary Dear

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