Wednesday, 27 August 2014

You are Crazy! I am Just Myself! ;D

I am a forever kid! I never wish to grow up in my manners. I never want to loose my cartoon fetish! I don't want to leave my teddy bears when I get married. I don't want someone else to touch my things when I am not there to protect them. I adore superheroes and super-women and I wish to fly like Shaktimaan. I love to sing Shinchan's title track and speak like buttercup! This is my side, of my life and I love it.

My kiddish behavior cannot decrease my knowledge, my baby talks do not change my feelings and My teddy bears are mine! STAY AWAY FROM THEM! I am staring you in the eye! 0.0

That's how I am. That's how I love myself. These are my colorful sides and I make people laugh with them. I love when they are pleased by my child like answers. They laugh at the jokes, not at me! If they do? Somebody, someday, will laugh at them! Because there's a child in all of us and we bring it out every now and then. Some love it, some love themselves more.

Ab aap hi batao,

O Uncles and Aunties,

        "100% Practical" Tag Ke Saath, Kaun Paida Hua Hai Aaj Tak???

Arre Sahab,

Bete ko Doctor, Engineer Banayiye,

Practical bohot dekhen hain school ki labs me!!!


I enjoy life like I am born everyday. And I...Love Myself! Changing me, will cost you Facebook, Twitter and Google stocks! Do you own that much??


Alas! Not everyone is like this. Not everyone is happy with themselves. Not everyone is appreciated everyday. Not everyone is loved all the time. Accept.. the child inside you.

So, go splash some water on your face, switch on some cartoons, burst some balloons, save a hostage with your virtual gun, drive a car and win the race! Get your asses to work and learn how to think.


Yes, you are grown ups, or may be you just behave like that. So, remind yourselves and remember,

You are hell crazy and You are fooling around! ;)


I promote my #BeingaChildMovement!
I am still young Diary Dear!

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