Thursday, 28 August 2014

Will You?

What if someday you go silent..when you are out of words to explain what's wrong? When you are scared that your words will hurt...When you are scared of the distance it might bring? When you feel...faded, scarred and unlike you...? What then? Whose hand will you reach for? What will you choose? What will you do?

Will you not look at others, but me tonight?
Will you try a bit more to see through my smile?
Will you walk past a few days and wake me to another day?
Will you make me forget what wrong happened then, please say?

Will you erase my memory or at least give it a try?
Will you let me cry in your arms and not ask me why?
Will you not be rude and drain your smile?
Will you not get angry with my emotions for some while?

Will you not shift to stiffness and switch your gadgets on?
Will you not hate me for asking you to do this, will you get along?
Will you know I am looking for you and I am scared?
Will you see how my days, between the nights, are just layered?

Will you see I am broken and I need you to fix me?
Will you understand I want to let go of the pain I feel?
Will you keep my in your arms the whole time and adore?
Will you again look at me and make me sure?

Will you give me some time to forget that day I did weep?
Will you kiss me through the night and make me sleep?
Will you love me like the first time again today, if I ask you to?
Will you hold me again and say I love you?

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