Tuesday, 26 August 2014

When will the day end?

So I heard, I 'could' get a hike this month. Do you think I was in the air for a while?? Well, you're right! I was. But I am highly skeptical about our new, highly confused Human Resource Professional. Sadly, here in this world, people who cook good are receptionists, people who look good are editors, people who don't work are in sales, people who do not know the keyboard shortcuts are writers, people with bad language skills are developers and the rest are either getting married or are having a baby!

So this leaves us with only two smart minds! Me and You! So let's think together! Will I get a hike? Or Not? What do you think?

You want to know how I work? Yeah, apart from writing blogs, tweeting, facebooking, instagraming and exploring my phone, I work well! Well enough to deserve a hike at least! Well enough to remain at par. So you better think of me as a nerd here...and pray for my hike!

"I will Find you and Kill you"!!! ;p


Yesterday, my sister said, she got scared of my blogs, they were too long for her to read! She said she tried and failed, and so did some of my lazy friends who never had a thing for this language :D Not my fault guys, go watch some Pogo!

This ain't for you kid! :D

One of my friends is viral now! Uhm...I mean her video is viral on you tube! Ahem..Ahem..and she seems to have gone with the flu! ;p Isn't responding. Better call it 'Fame' :D

See here, the girl with the curls:

Hmmm...impressive huhh!!


I have been publishing since morning and now I am pretty much exhausted, so before I pass out, I need to sign out. See you tomorrow guys with another beautiful morning!

*Shit my Tea has gone cold* *Fckkk Maynnn* *When will the day end?*

Diary Dear!!!


  1. Good luck! You deserve not just a hike but a hiked hike.

  2. Hein Hein..Thank You..The boss who was going to talk about the hiked hike is out of station till 30rth. I couldn't ask more from life :p


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