Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Vote for Me :D

Since Yesterday I am applauding my own self for winning the title for the 'Best Dressed Female' which I haven't even won by now :D The results and the voting prior to that, is yet to take place and my beam of confidence is on my head already! Thank You Thank You. :D

So like an ideal competitor, I will pretend like it's okay (Leonardo) that I didn't win (Just in Case) :P It's all a game! Happens! Sympathies and sobs attached! I'll be a supporting Actress if somebody else snatches the tag away today.

Oka Doka! So I am wearing this black and Neon Pink Suit that I shopped yesterday. I know I'll hear a lot about it when we'll be broke by the end of the month :P But Hell Ya! I love it. Quoting a 'Black Bindi'! Viola!

And I just love these occasions when I get to flaunt myself in front of him. Oh by the way, he too is looking the most handsome man in his White Kurta Pyjama with a greyish-black waist coat! Uhmmm...Let me hug him and come back ;) ... 'He's already the Best Dressed for Me' :)


Hahaha,,Today on the eve of Independence Day, My Chilhood Best Friend wants to know what love is and some related set of questions! She says I'm in it, so I should be knowing what is it! :P
Love is 'Him'. I think that this answer pretty much sums up what I think of Love. And I've defined it too.

But has she understood it? Ofcourse Not. :P

When you sum up everything in someone

your days your night, your sorrow your smiles,
your heart your mind, your god your shrine,
your future your dreams, your scenery your streams,
your family and friend, you life your end!

Then is time you call it love.

Oops I almost forgot to make a vote appeal,

"I want to Thank my Life Partner for this, he deserves it all :) "

Uhm..did I just give my Thanking speech???? :P

Well....Save It For Later :D


With Lots of Luck,
All the Best Diary Dear! :D

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