Wednesday, 13 August 2014

SHOR In the City Guides! :D

Oh Mayn! What a Rush!

He says it's like 'I have to sell my Ferari for a ford fiesta' :D :D

Office works and deadlines are sometimes so deadly! That they almost kill you!

Deadlines are always in the bad hour! Always.
Whenever we feel we are at par with our work, something or the other pops up. Pulling us down on the Level One of the Game! Like a shark getting hit by a Jellyfish! BAMM! And you're Out!
I wonder if points are counted in the end?

Bosses! Do you notice we finish them before time?

The time for our increment is nearing by. And these uninvited pop-ups just frustrate us to the core. Arghh!! HULK!!!

"Paise Badhao *()&^%$# Ahem Ahem"

And specially when you are not too good with patience, anger takes over 'too quick and too easy'.


I am glad I can help him sometimes. Being in the same profession helps! Trust Me. You get to do a lot of things together. When I was in my 18th year, I always wondered how will it be if I fail to understand and acknowledge my Man's profession and his working approach? That scared me! Not anymore. Whenever I prove as an asset to the most smallest of his jobs, I feel proud! I feel alright! I don't feel the fear. He is so creative all the time, I feel I can match up sometimes. I feel good.


Now that he's relieved...Now that I am relived..
It is time for some fine music, some good swears, real good food and great movies!
Bhaaakkk Saaallaaa!!!

With a lot of body pain,
Signing Off!
Thanks for listening Diary Dear! :)

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