Thursday, 21 August 2014

Meethi Meethi Mornings!!!

It reminds me of 'US'
Love is beautiful. And so are the mornings, the evenings, the mid-days, the night!

Last night I was this nuts about how crazily things are falling on us in office. You see, it's a hell lot of weight on our shoulders. I guess our minds will go for a sole toss or a long walk! We need some air! We need a break! A paid vacation! *And a few more editors please*. God! Even writing about it is exhausting. Sigh. Especially when your hike is due. And your cell phone is stuck in a transit and you cannot get your hands on it.

And I was all frustrated with my professional life. He was trying to make me feel better. I remember that peck on the station, bilando in the metro, his 'Aur kaun hai yahan par?' in the middle of the street and all the times he said...'Arre Hasde'...on our way back home! I love you handsome! Thank you for talking it out and making me smile again.

This reminds me, I have to start controlling my anger. This is getting too much now. My temper skills are fading day by day. Too much of pampering I guess :P. I will...with time...


Before burying the lines on my forehead completely, I have to send some vibes across someone's way...

"If you were talking to someone, and I'd keep putting inputs of mine, no matter if the issue was related to me or not. How would you feel?? *MMT*.

Stop filling people with your advices, sometimes they don't need one!

I am glad I can bitch it out with him. It brings so much of peace on my road! :p

Have to go visit my family tonight. Yes, I don't want to. I never feel like leaving him alone :p. Never after beautiful mornings like these, when I get a lot of Meethi Meethi Chocolates...Sometimes I wonder if he can read my mind or what? :D

'Aji Sunte Ho? Khana time pe kha lena..Main jaldi aa jaungi ;) Mumumuah!!!

(The feeling of a being a better half is so pacifying, you can only experience it in love).


Take Care,
Diary Dear :)

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