Friday, 29 August 2014

Just Another Day in GIFs ;p

No, I didn't sit on his chair to 'feel' him around, I didn't even walk into his cubicle today and steal his things! See how sensible have I become with time. Because...I have my new phone now! Bugging him just got easier :D

He's on leave today, sick leave. However, no rest is caressing his day. Since morning he is revolving around Banks to get hold of his debit card! I wish the IVR system had been a help! Sadly, Half of the day he was out of his home, with a screeching backache and rest of time flew like a feather!

I, on the other side of the world, had been busy! A lot Busy. :D 
I tried working for a while, but it did not work! So, the thought of getting my Spa Vouchers which I had won through a twitter contest, came with a breeze and flew me away! I was in a world of contests and tweets and facebook and whatsapps! Maybe, we all need a day out! Don't we? I was socializing, by the way. It's work. ;p

In here it's celebration times! Our head developer is a Daddy again so Rasgullas made their way to our stomachs, while a SEO Executive walked with her farewell card!! She was nice, whenever she talked and smiled. Rest of the days, she was a bit scary, silent and serious ;p She had a background customized Voice in my imaginations, I DON'T SMILE! 0.0

Thank God she started communicating in her last, past few working days, and laughed openly. Else the hauntings wouldn't have left my mind ;p

I'm exaggerating! ;p She is getting married, I hope she smile more after that :). Good Luck Lady!

My Rasgulla and samosa (Farewell Treat ;p) are saved for my man! ;) How can I not share it with him? Muah! I just love to see him when he eats something. That pure, serene look on his face, wins me over and over! I missed having lunch with him. Anyways, I am returning to him for dinner in a while to compensate :D

Oh By The Way, my brother offered me an opportunity to rule!
'Teri Zindagi Bhar Gulami Karunga, Mujhe Kishton Me Moto E Dilwa De'

He needs a Motto E in installments for which he is ready to become my slave for the rest of his life.
What do you think I did?

After getting so much from his side in past years, I thought of giving something in return. I offered him freedom. I said NO!

Don't worry, in two months, he probably earns more thousands than his age. He is 15, just in case you need to know!
So, no shitty-pity allowed! Puhleeez! And dare you call him cute, he'll slap you as well. *Warning*

I am waiting for my office hours to end so that I can rush back to my love and hug him tight!
Okay? :D


Saw #The Fault in Our Stars last night, ended up weeping...snob snob...

Slow in the beginning but gets momentum and you delve easily into the story..Eulogy of both of them is Awesome. Does that make sense to you? Go, Watch It! I am a romantic, not a critic! :D


I better hit the road now, its getting late..
I'll Party Party Party ;p

See you tomorrow,
Diary Dear! ;D


  1. I really like the last GIF, reminded me of you and I, Okay?

    1. Everything I do, I do it for you... Okay :)


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