Friday, 22 August 2014

Hungry Kya? Grab a Blog! ;P

Pizzas are my favourite. No Matter What!!! I can even have it when I am asleep! Foodie dreams are always better than seeing Shahrukh Khan. I can even have pizzas when I am broke, only because I am sad that I ain't got no money! So why not buy a pizza with my last shells! And still be happy :P.
I can eat it when I am not hungry. There's always some space left in my stomach after having food...for a slice of it. I crave for it every week...all 7 days. If I get a question..PIZZA? My answer would be "FOREVER".

I had it last night and now I am craving for it again. :p

Oh Pizza my Pizza!!!
Come to Mama!!!


Just saw how twitter raised my blog reads in 8 hours. Crazy Rise! A 60 in a night. Whooosh! It's too good for me. I am loving it! ;) Sooo Goooddd!!! :D

Wondering why am I only talking about food and stealing away taglines of fast food joints. Looks like I am too hungry today. I need more feeds. :D Perhaps, I need a pizza! *Is anyone in a mood to treat???*


We went to collect my phone last night and to our shock, the address was an abandoned building. How can a company like Flipkart deal with a shitty courier service providers like Delhivery who quote their customers with fake addresses! Only to waste their time! It meant so much to me. To Us. Now I am just waiting for the order to get delivered. Not even half as excited as I was. But my concern is we have already paid for it and tomorrow is an off, so if they fail to deliver it today...I will have to cancel it.

Alas! I am really pissed at Flipkart this time. Horrible experience. Delhivery Customer Services are really poor! In all my calls I got vague replies, vague promises. I am Hopeless! This was my last order from both of the companies. *PERIOD*.

I am so hungry I can eat both the companies! ;p

Back to the office and another new addition on our shoulders is waiting for us! Why can't they wait for one thing to get finished? Anyways, I love my company, no matter how much work is there. It is a good thing right? :P
Maybe! :D

So heading to work now...Thank you for reading...and get me something to eat now! ;p A pizza would do :D


With a hungry stomach,
Eat Diary Dear :D

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