Friday, 22 August 2014

Hello Again, Whatsapp!! ;D

It feels so pacifying!!!!!!!!!!


So for one final time, I called up Delhivery guy to confirm if my order will get delivered today or not and headed for the meeting. He assured me of it. The meeting was too short, lasted about an hour. (Which usually begins by this time, warm up sessions, you see!)
A little less exhausted and moved, I came out of the room with everyone else. I almost forgot about the call I made in the last hour when I crossed the reception.
Suddenly my eyes met with a beautiful, tiny, small little brown box calling out my name. "Here I am, Take me in your arms, hold me tight, kiss me.. :D "!!! And that was when I popped up like a child and held my Moto E for the first time!!!

I am so relieved! We are so relieved!

New Whatsapp Status??

*I am Back Biatchhh :D*!!!


Now I am a little confused on whether to head home tonight or not? ;p You see exploration demands a lot of sincere time and effort :D And I have to pay attention to it..a LOT of it :D


P.S. @abeniel - Yes I have got my Moto you can do the honors from tomorrow and guide me to the light :D


Entering a new phase,
With Diary Dear :D


  1. And congratulations once again!

  2. hahaha..thank you :D Now I'm nervous! :D

    Will ping once I activate the basics ;)


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