Thursday, 14 August 2014

He Won!!!!!!!!


The results are out!!!

So, here it goes, he's the Best Dressed Male!!! for today.

And the chocolates are mine!!!! Ahh Finally! :D

So, like a supporting Actress for my Award,
Here are my Sobs and Sighs!!! :D

And if you ask who's the best dressed female?
Well, Ugh..not me so..that's not important! :P

Waise Aapne Suna Hai Na?

'Har Kaamyaab Aadmi ke Piche Kisi Aurat Ka Haath Hota Hai' :D

I am his queen! He is my King and you can't change the legacy Biatch :p !!!

Chalo now I have to click a lot of photos with him. So, I better get ready for another victorious moment!

*Getting Clicked with the Best Dressed*

:* Muah Love,


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