Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Happy Birthday Kaanha!

Oh What a Sleep!

Yester-night was great! The music, late night dinner, lots of talks and a loving partner!  Muah!
Saves the Day.

So, finally, the rise of Krishna gifted me a beautiful night and a new day is at my doors!

Happy Birthday Kaanha!

E.T. is beeping in my ears and I am waiting for my new phone. :D
Yeah it gets delivered tomorrow! Am I excited? Yes of course! Who wouldn't be?

No matter how much I despise technology in a relationship, I think I need it for myself as well. To understand how easy or difficult it becomes for me to gel with it and my closed ones. To know if I can balance it out without harming any bond, without getting angry at the beeps, without hating the rings or the games on it. I want to change my views. I want to enjoy that time which I want him to enjoy! I want to accompany him and understand him and his love for technology. I want to put myself in his shoes and cross this stage. Wish me luck. I wish to get better.


 Another bundle of work is at our desks today. Seems like we're drowning.
And I wish to say something to the heads,

I am Sorry-e-to! Just like Buurr-e-to! :D


Happy Janamashtami
Diary Dear :)

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