Monday, 25 August 2014

Bailando #Enrique !!! ;)

Ahh!! Monday Again...but this time I'm fresh and happier! In full swing to work and love ;)!

What an amazing weekend this was! Utilized to every second, lived in every bit! Handling all the bank work, exploring my new phone, eating in famous restaurants, sending the pending couriers, getting high and passing out, early rise and cuddles, watching flicks one after the other and loving the company of the most handsome man on earth! God, I am so grateful to you! :)

*I look at you and it feels like paradise (estoy en otra dimencion)
You got me spinning, got me crazy, got me hypnotized*


Have you heard of Bailando #Enrique??? Listening to it excites my curves and feet! There is something about this song and I know I can't stop myself from grooving to it if its buzzing around. No matter if I am in a packed metro, I HAVE to stir my feet and pretend moving because of the inertia of the metro stoppages! Hein Hein..

*I wanna be contigo
And live contigo, and dance contigo
Para have contigo*

Back in office there's a good announcement waiting for us! Two long extended weekends are coming up in October. Unlike my predicted horoscope, no money is on its way. But yes, Trips and Festivals are certainly heading to us! 'Majja aa rahi hai'!!! :D So where are you heading to?

*I can’t wait no more (ya no puedo más)
I can’t wait no more
(ya no puedo más)*
See it fits in all situations!!:D


"You love to see me smile and laugh, you take my hand when I'm low, you click crazy pictures of mine and make crazier tattoos on my face, you make me listen to hollywood's top tracks and the best horror movies ever made, you take me to beautiful places far away from my dreams, you are only one who can make my best side alive! Love, I just want you to know that I love you... and will do it in every breath I breathe, every sound I hear, every step I take! Everything I do!"...

*You Got me feeling like I’m flying, like I’m out of space*


With all my happiness,
Bailando Diary Dear! :) :*

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