Wednesday, 20 August 2014

An Artist and Some Patience! Muah!

He's an amazing artist! He was making a doodle last night and it looked outstanding! I just couldn't believe how magically his criss cross lines made one figure after the other. I was surprised every time! I still remember the first time I visited his place with him. I found a lot of sketches kept hay-way. Trust Me, they were worth living for. Even if some great Spanish artist with a canvas and some paints would stand in front of him, he would lose in milliseconds! I am not going overboard, I am just trying to explain how beautiful his work is!

And mind you, the sketches he makes are the same which you would like to hang on your walls for the rest of your lives! Your sketches! People's Sketches! Actors! Friends! Characters! All and every!!!

And the one which he was neatly carving with his pen, decorating them with stories of his art teacher and how he could enter NID; was marvelous! National Institute of Design, you deserve him! He's your moon in the sky!

I could see how much of hardwork goes into making a single doodle. The time, The imagination, The effort! The sweat! The hunger! God! He's Talented just like me ;)


I made this yummy cabbage to lunch today. Didn't try making it after 2010. So you can imagine my condition and the amount of risk I, as an Indian Lady in the Kitchen, was taking! Specially when I have my best critic with me who tells me when he loves it, and even when he doesn't. Helps me grow. Helps me learn! xoxo!

I have been having hiccups from past few days, guess rest of the family is missing me. After what my brother did, I don't feel like heading over there again. Yet, this is life. Will visit them tomorrow! After I get to hold the new Moto in my hands. :D


Okay so I have shuffled google a lot of times now. I've seen what the Moto box has, the features, the operations yadda yadda!

But My Phone isn't here yet! I am waiting for it to get delivered. Counting backwards and forwards. But There is no sight of it. Door Door Tak Koi Naamo Nishaan Nhi Hai'. I am anxious now. I think
I need to look for it on the streets of Delhi. Duh! I'm getting nervous and ...crazy...!

Earlier I wasn't in a mood to buy it. But then I realized.... how much I needed it to be in touch with a lot of people. How much I loved it when I had one! How much would he love, to play with not one but two phones now :D. I suddenly agreed.

I was lured into it :p.


Where's My Phone??????

P.S. Best Stress Buster- RED LIPSTICK!

With Waiting Eyes on the door,
Moto Diary Dear ;)


  1. Yeeaaahhhh! Instagram Bit*h, Whatsapp Bit*h, Facebook Bit*h, Vine Bit*h, Snapchat Bit*h, YouTube Bit*h, Google Maps Bit*h, Flipboard Bit*h, Skype Bit*h

    1. Hahahahah..yeah ..learning about all of them..sooner or later... I will :D

  2. Mobile apps? Pffftt... I'm the Go-To-Guy.

    1. Let my Moto come..I'll run to you for help ;) It's still stuck in some wtf transit! :( arghhh...waiting..

  3. No.. :( The shitty company..the shitty service..waste of time and efforts.. :!! fffttthhh! >>


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